October Message from Sensei

Each and every time you step into the dojo and onto the tatami mat, you should be proud of yourself for the discipline that you exemplify. It would be too easy to sit at home each and every night and lay on the couch and watch tv! I am not saying that everyone that does should be criticized, but there is more to life than vegging out and having a favorite show for each night of the week! Be active, live healthy, have balance and don't live vicariously thru the lives of others.  Give yourself a chance to do something that is good for you.  Why not give karate a chance?  In recent activity, I have seen adults go from sitting in the bleachers to thriving on the mat!  What makes you think you cannot?  Its ok to fail  as long as you try.  However, to not try is true failure in the belief that you cannot do something that you haven't even attempted.  How many activities/sports can you actually do side by side with your children that has maximum benefit in life?  Trust me is saying that once you start moving with karate training (or any other activity) you WILL become more alert and energized!