December Message From Sensei

As we come to the end of the year, I always look back and reflect on our successes and setbacks as a Dojo.  I know what drives people to keep training, but I also wonder why students ""take a break"" when all I hear is how beneficial it is or what impact it has had on themselves or their child's life! Karate-do gives one and opportunity to strengthen not only their body, but mind and spirit too!  Having many challenges in life will only get more challenging if you do not give yourself tools to combat those adversities!  The journey of karate will be a fulfilling one that will only be realized by the ones who continue that journey.       
I love to teach and share my knowledge and experiences with students in hopes that it will in someway impact their lives positively and assist with taking on those adversities when they present themselves.   Everyone one of my students has a special place in my heart and always know that I do not hold back any of my teachings and will always do what is right by you!  It is my hope that you will do the same in time and truly know the feeling of a students successes because you might have had a small part in that journey.
The training is tough, the journey is not always smooth and easy, but the ones who stay the course of a true karate-ka will forever understand what they have achieved at that moment in time.  For they are the ones that know that the black belt is not a destination, but a  journey for one that takes a lifetime.    
PSKC will always challenge you to be your best and guarantees that will earn every bit of your rank!
I hope for you to continue your challenges within PSKC and wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year!