May message from Sensei

I hope that all PSKC students make and effort to attend the 2018 USA Elite Training Camp and Elite Champions Cup.  The reason being is that this is my ONE main event that I host!  It is an event that was started to benefit my own students and has grown into a national event which is recognized throughout the country as the premier grassroots to elite level training camp.  They say the greatest form of flattery is imitation.  Many people try to duplicate what I have accomplished with this camp, but cannot due to my connection with Team USA.  I bring in the best!  If you want to expand your knowledge and training you do not want to miss this opportunity.  If you choose to go to an "in house" baseball, soccer etc.. game/practice with volunteer coaches and not train with athletes/coaches that have compiled 6 US Olympic athlete of the year awards, 2 US Olympic Committee Coach of the year awards and too many international titles to list than I wish you the best of luck. Otherwise, take the time to attend and you can say that you trained with Olympic level athletes/coaches instead of practice with ???.  Event is Sponsored by Punok Karate and Asian World of Martial Arts will be setting a booth up as well.