June Message from Sensei

I hope to see all PSKC students make an effort to attend the 2018 USA Elite Training Camp and Elite Champions Cup.  If you are not able to train, any support with helping set up or break down is greatly appreciated.  I am so excited to see the training this year.  We have numerous Junior and Senior National Team members participating as well as internationals.  Last year we had 33 Team USA members training.  This year we once again have many current Team USA members participating in hopes of regaining their spot on Team USA.  As we have done in our 17 year history, we hope to provide inspiration to new Team USA hopefuls and help them make their dreams come true too!  This is NOT the "A" team in your local community, it is the "USA Team" that represents our Nation around the world! However, this is not just about making Team USA.  It is about gaining knowledge and experience from some of the most recognizable instructors/coaches in the world. Everyone of ALL ages and skill can gain from this training.  Athletes as young as 5 and as old as 65 participate!  

Why Not You?