July Message from Sensei

I look forward to seeing all of Team PSKC/Jinen Kai competing at the National Championships being held in Reno, Nevada July 12-15th.  When I look back over the years, I have had outstanding athletes of all ages and skills. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of elite athletes to other sports over the years.  Karate-do is a lifetime activity for all ages and can give an athlete the opportunity to compete at the highest level all the way thru their mid 30's. Over 25 years of developing strong athletes who have made Team USA that walked away before reaching their prime can be wearing when you give your heart and soul as an instructor/coach with no expectation of financial gain.  I see other organizational sports that charge astronomical prices selling dreams when all of those who have trained with me and given a 100% reached their dream of making Team USA.  I am not a snake oil salesman or hiding behind any curtain, I just produce year after year.  Who's ready to achieve greatness on the WORLD stage!     

This will be one of the smallest teams (12) that I have ever took to a National Championship, but also one of the best. This years team has trained long and hard for this National Championships which is under the auspices of the US Olympic Committee. We have 9 Elite athletes trying to make Team USA. Please wish these and all of the PSKC athletes Luck and stay posted on Facebook for updated results.
Visit www.usankf.org for schedule of events.