August Message from Sensei

PSKC/Jinen Kai made a huge impression during the USA National Championships placing 13 athletes on TEAM USA.  We at PSKC/Jinen Kai produce the second most Team USA Athletes in the entire United States.
Our organization is considered one of the top in the country and all members should be proud of not only our sport/Team USA success, but more importantly our focus on staying traditional within our Japanese Karate-Do training. While not taking our eyes off of what is most important (tradition) and continuing to train the right way, we are easily capable of walking into any event and dominating. 
There are no shortcuts in proper development and understanding the benefits of lifelong training.  TOO MANY times I hear of parents giving a child the option of stepping away when they themselves understand the long term benefits of Karate. Discipline and the benefits that you gain from the training require you to be at the dojo putting in the effort.  "Karate is just like hot water. If you do not give heat constantly, it will again become cold water".  Don't turn the heat off!  Keep it warm when other things present themselves.  Always know, there is one constant "Karate".  I know karate has blessed me with opportunities to travel around the world, but more importantly I know what it has done for my dedicated students that have stayed the course.  Those that focus on telling a child they can quit after a certain belt have never really listened to the lessons within the class because most of my lessons are reinforcing what we as parents are trying to teach at home.
Enjoy the journey without focusing on the destination!