September Message from Sensei

School is open!!!  As you try to get back into the groove of getting up early studying, doing homework and doing extra activities remember to keep balance.  We tend to feel like we can't, but we can.  We all learn new things everyday no matter how little they might be, we learn.  Karate is that in so many ways in helping to deal with successes and failures.  It always makes me feel sad when I see someone have a little setback/failure and then use that as an excuse to stop and "try something new" or "focus on something else".  However, seeing individuals fail and work even harder with the mindset of achieving success is the most rewarding thing I see as a Sensei/Coach.  Success does not come with every step because at every step you might trip and the reality is that you have to get back up and keep going. Knowing this will help you overcome any adversity that you face in the future.  Karate is gives balance and understanding because it is not always about winning and losing, but taking on the challenge at hand.  Remember to be leaders and lead by example.