February Message from Sensei

Team PSKC trainings will not just be for the USA National Championships, but for all events this competition year. However, if you want to compete under the Olympic Rings and take pride knowing that this is a very special opportunity, PSKC/Jinen Kai will lead you the way. Whether you are 5 years old or 75 years young beginner or advanced, you can take part!  I take pride in training hard and taking each student to a different level during our team trainings.  If you want to take that next step, then join one of the most successful teams/organizations in the country.  Karate competitions not only help you determine your skill level versus others that are your rank, but helps you in dealing with challenges that are put forth in front of you.  Karate is an individual sport, but we do bond as a team during the trainings and celebrate the victories together as well as work through the defeats and setbacks. There are many great lessons learned throughout the training and competition that give you strength to take on other challenges in life.  The question is...Why not?