April Message from Sensei

I hope you plan to attend the USA Elite Training Camp and Elite Champions Cup June 8-10.  This event is the Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Clubs signature event.  It is an event that was started to benefit my own students and has grown into an national event that is recognized throughout the country as the premier grassroots to elite level training camp.  Because of my connection with Team USA, I bring in the best.  Over 30 US Team members were in attendance last year!  If you want to expand your knowledge and training you do not want to miss this opportunity. Many Elite level athletes fly in from all over the country to participate.  All you have to do is drive a few minutes down the road!  Whether you compete or not, you can gain so much knowledge and skills with the instructors that are here for you!

March message from Sensei

As a USA National Coach, I have had the honor to train numerous athletes within the PSKC Dojo from the Junior Olympian levels to the actual Team USA levels as recognized by the US Olympic Committee.  Helping numerous athletes within PSKC and athletes from around the country achieve their Team USA dream is something I am proud of as an instructor because it demonstrates the level of training that everyone within PSKC receives. Excellence is a commitment that I made when I first started teaching and a philosophy that I have stood by for over 25 years.  Take pride PSKC in knowing that I have been and am still part of this Olympic movement because you will benefit the most.
Funakoshi principle:
"Spirit First Technique Second"

February Message from Sensei

We have a great team headed to W.V. for the USA Karate Qualifier.  If you cannot make this event, we have several others to attend in the coming months.  Due to the Nationals being on the west coast, Team PSKC trainings will not just be for the USA National Championships, but for all events this competition year.  However, if you want to compete under the Olympic Rings and take pride knowing that this is a very special opportunity, PSKC will lead you the way.  Whether you are 5 years old or 75 years old beginner or advanced, you can take part!  We will train, prepare and represent our Family, Dojo family and show the country that we are the best.

January Message from Sensei

Happy New Year!  
As the Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Club celebrates its 25th Year Anniversary we ask that you celebrate also by giving 100% each and every class to honor all the current and former students that have passed through our doors.  We have had so many great moments with great students who have trained with PSKC since 1992!  PSKC is a premier traditional Japanese karate dojo which has developed homegrown champions and Team USA members. My proudest accomplishment in karate is passing on every ounce of my knowledge to the students and watching them succeed in the dojo, competition and most importantly...Life!