August Message from Sensei

PSKC/Jinen Kai made a huge impression during the USA National Championships placing 13 athletes on TEAM USA.  We at PSKC/Jinen Kai produce the second most Team USA Athletes in the entire United States.
Our organization is considered one of the top in the country and all members should be proud of not only our sport/Team USA success, but more importantly our focus on staying traditional within our Japanese Karate-Do training. While not taking our eyes off of what is most important (tradition) and continuing to train the right way, we are easily capable of walking into any event and dominating. 
There are no shortcuts in proper development and understanding the benefits of lifelong training.  TOO MANY times I hear of parents giving a child the option of stepping away when they themselves understand the long term benefits of Karate. Discipline and the benefits that you gain from the training require you to be at the dojo putting in the effort.  "Karate is just like hot water. If you do not give heat constantly, it will again become cold water".  Don't turn the heat off!  Keep it warm when other things present themselves.  Always know, there is one constant "Karate".  I know karate has blessed me with opportunities to travel around the world, but more importantly I know what it has done for my dedicated students that have stayed the course.  Those that focus on telling a child they can quit after a certain belt have never really listened to the lessons within the class because most of my lessons are reinforcing what we as parents are trying to teach at home.
Enjoy the journey without focusing on the destination!   

July Message from Sensei

I look forward to seeing all of Team PSKC/Jinen Kai competing at the National Championships being held in Reno, Nevada July 12-15th.  When I look back over the years, I have had outstanding athletes of all ages and skills. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of elite athletes to other sports over the years.  Karate-do is a lifetime activity for all ages and can give an athlete the opportunity to compete at the highest level all the way thru their mid 30's. Over 25 years of developing strong athletes who have made Team USA that walked away before reaching their prime can be wearing when you give your heart and soul as an instructor/coach with no expectation of financial gain.  I see other organizational sports that charge astronomical prices selling dreams when all of those who have trained with me and given a 100% reached their dream of making Team USA.  I am not a snake oil salesman or hiding behind any curtain, I just produce year after year.  Who's ready to achieve greatness on the WORLD stage!     

This will be one of the smallest teams (12) that I have ever took to a National Championship, but also one of the best. This years team has trained long and hard for this National Championships which is under the auspices of the US Olympic Committee. We have 9 Elite athletes trying to make Team USA. Please wish these and all of the PSKC athletes Luck and stay posted on Facebook for updated results.
Visit for schedule of events.

June Message from Sensei

I hope to see all PSKC students make an effort to attend the 2018 USA Elite Training Camp and Elite Champions Cup.  If you are not able to train, any support with helping set up or break down is greatly appreciated.  I am so excited to see the training this year.  We have numerous Junior and Senior National Team members participating as well as internationals.  Last year we had 33 Team USA members training.  This year we once again have many current Team USA members participating in hopes of regaining their spot on Team USA.  As we have done in our 17 year history, we hope to provide inspiration to new Team USA hopefuls and help them make their dreams come true too!  This is NOT the "A" team in your local community, it is the "USA Team" that represents our Nation around the world! However, this is not just about making Team USA.  It is about gaining knowledge and experience from some of the most recognizable instructors/coaches in the world. Everyone of ALL ages and skill can gain from this training.  Athletes as young as 5 and as old as 65 participate!  

Why Not You?   

May message from Sensei

I hope that all PSKC students make and effort to attend the 2018 USA Elite Training Camp and Elite Champions Cup.  The reason being is that this is my ONE main event that I host!  It is an event that was started to benefit my own students and has grown into a national event which is recognized throughout the country as the premier grassroots to elite level training camp.  They say the greatest form of flattery is imitation.  Many people try to duplicate what I have accomplished with this camp, but cannot due to my connection with Team USA.  I bring in the best!  If you want to expand your knowledge and training you do not want to miss this opportunity.  If you choose to go to an "in house" baseball, soccer etc.. game/practice with volunteer coaches and not train with athletes/coaches that have compiled 6 US Olympic athlete of the year awards, 2 US Olympic Committee Coach of the year awards and too many international titles to list than I wish you the best of luck. Otherwise, take the time to attend and you can say that you trained with Olympic level athletes/coaches instead of practice with ???.  Event is Sponsored by Punok Karate and Asian World of Martial Arts will be setting a booth up as well.

April Message from Sensei

I hope you plan to attend the USA Elite Training Camp and Elite Champions Cup June 8-10.  This event is the Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Clubs signature event.  It is an event that was started to benefit my own students and has grown into an national event that is recognized throughout the country as the premier grassroots to elite level training camp.  Because of my connection with Team USA, I bring in the best.  Over 30 US Team members were in attendance last year!  If you want to expand your knowledge and training you do not want to miss this opportunity. Many Elite level athletes fly in from all over the country to participate.  All you have to do is drive a few minutes down the road!  Whether you compete or not, you can gain so much knowledge and skills with the instructors that are here for you!

March message from Sensei

As a USA National Coach, I have had the honor to train numerous athletes within the PSKC Dojo from the Junior Olympian levels to the actual Team USA levels as recognized by the US Olympic Committee.  Helping numerous athletes within PSKC and athletes from around the country achieve their Team USA dream is something I am proud of as an instructor because it demonstrates the level of training that everyone within PSKC receives. Excellence is a commitment that I made when I first started teaching and a philosophy that I have stood by for over 25 years.  Take pride PSKC in knowing that I have been and am still part of this Olympic movement because you will benefit the most.
Funakoshi principle:
"Spirit First Technique Second"

February Message from Sensei

We have a great team headed to W.V. for the USA Karate Qualifier.  If you cannot make this event, we have several others to attend in the coming months.  Due to the Nationals being on the west coast, Team PSKC trainings will not just be for the USA National Championships, but for all events this competition year.  However, if you want to compete under the Olympic Rings and take pride knowing that this is a very special opportunity, PSKC will lead you the way.  Whether you are 5 years old or 75 years old beginner or advanced, you can take part!  We will train, prepare and represent our Family, Dojo family and show the country that we are the best.

January Message from Sensei

Happy New Year!  
As the Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Club celebrates its 25th Year Anniversary we ask that you celebrate also by giving 100% each and every class to honor all the current and former students that have passed through our doors.  We have had so many great moments with great students who have trained with PSKC since 1992!  PSKC is a premier traditional Japanese karate dojo which has developed homegrown champions and Team USA members. My proudest accomplishment in karate is passing on every ounce of my knowledge to the students and watching them succeed in the dojo, competition and most importantly...Life!