Kim Kelly, Head Volleyball Coach/Senior Woman Administrator, Carnegie Mellon University

We have been a part of the Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Club for the past two years and have enjoyed every moment of it. Our son and daughter are, not only making great friends, but more importantly they are learning lifelong skills. They are learning discipline, focus, and how to work hard. They are developing the physical and mental skills they will need as they get older. To learn these skills at a young age will only help them become strong and successful individuals. Being a coach myself, I know what I look for in my athletes and that is the complete skill set that they will be able to solve problems through ingenuity, dedication, determination, and hard work. Sensei Dustin Baldis teaches this to kids of all ages and if every athlete went through this at the young ages, that my children are, then my job would be easy. Our children are now getting exposed to Shotokan Karate on a National level. They are learning what it takes to be successful and it is all because what Sensei practices in his dojo every day of every week. We are very happy that we have found the Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Club and will always be grateful for its teachings.