Cher Bear, Graceful Creations Photography

Our daughter asked to join The Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Club because her friends took classes there. Little did she know that she would gain so much more than a little extra time with her buddies and a few self defense techniques! Being at PKSC for a little under a year, my husband and I have seen a shy little girl emerge into a happy, healthy and confident child. Not only is she benefitting from the physical challenges of her training, but she is also learning discipline, patience and the true meaning of 'team'. We have traveled with the dojo for a few competitions now, and I am always pleasantly reminded that these children and parents are kind, respectful, supportive and welcoming. We can see the lessons she is taking from the dojo and putting them into practice in her daily life. From pushing herself harder in school as the work becomes more challenging, or watching her sit and concentrate for longer periods of time as she tackles something new, we know she will take these invaluable lessons with her the rest of her life. Bound with the parenting she receives at home, the teachings she is learning at school and the physical and mental lessons she is gaining at PSKC - we are confident she is and will become a positive role model for others. I asked Grace her thoughts on the dojo and Sensei Baldis, and her answer was this: "I like Sensei because he pushes me. It might be hard, but when he pushes me, I realize I can do new things, so much more than I was already doing". As a parent, I see Sensei Baldis as a strict but caring teacher, who takes the time to carefully analyze each child and then mold his teaching techniques to help the child take the greatest amount of knowledge from the lesson. Because of his natural leadership abilities and the fact that Sensei realizes each child is unique, I think it would benefit anyone to spend time learning from him.