Shelley Lipton, Ph.D.

The Pennsylvania Shotokan Karate Club has been an important part of our family’s life for the past four years. The physical skills attained are beneficial to our children. In addition, they have gained unique mental skills from participating in tradition martial arts such as respect, focus, integrity and humility. The teachings of Sensei Baldis have affected our children in a positive way and will most likely influence them for a long time. For example, our 8 year old has been very successful competing on a national level and has dreams of being a member of the first United States Olympic Karate Team coached by Sensei Baldis. This hasn’t been all sweat and hard work. Through the PSKC, our children have made close friends and we have enjoyed getting to know other parents. As a family, we are thrilled that we have karate in our lives under the tutelage of an outstanding sensei.